We Have a Right to Be Upset

Sep 03, 2018

Today, our province suffered another economic blow - Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal rejected the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

Our leader, Jason Kenney, was clear- this project must go ahead. To read his full statement, click here: http://www.ucpcaucus.ca/united-conservatives-respond-to-trans-mountain-court-ruling/

I am incredibly frustrated and I know you are, too.

You may remember, Premier Notley and Prime Minister Trudeau declared, “Mission Accomplished!” only months ago. This simply was not true.

Both the federal and provincial governments gambled on the nonsensical notion of social license - and lost. Their inconsistent environmental policy, coupled with a carbon tax, have cost Albertans’ jobs and deeply shaken investor confidence.

Today’s decision was made by one of the highest courts in Canada. The challenges we face are enormous, with ever-changing legal and regulatory standards chasing off investors.

These investors just want a clear answer to a simple question surrounding development in Canada:

What does a company need to do to gain approval to build infrastructure in this country?

As Conservatives, we must move quickly to answer that question and restore jobs and investor confidence in Alberta.

As part of a United Conservative caucus, I will stand up for Albertans. Using my legal background and decades in politics, I will get to work on Day 1 of a United Conservative Government. We will work every day to undo the damage wrought by politicians and governments who are incapable of advancing the interests of everyday Albertans.  

It will take hard work and there will be difficult choices to be made but I can promise you, we will use every tool available to restore Alberta’s prosperity.

You can contact me on my website at www.dougschweitzer.com. I’d love to have you on our team!



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