Schweitzer Announces the Largest Tax Relief in Alberta’s History

Jun 28, 2017

Proposal will offer tax relief to all Albertans through reductions to both personal and corporate taxes and will bring back jobs to Alberta.

Alberta conservatives deserve to know about the policies of their leadership candidates, and on Wednesday Doug Schweitzer announced his plan to deliver the largest tax relief in Alberta’s history, proposing tax relief to personal income taxes, corporate taxes, small business tax, and the NDP’s carbon tax – putting money back in the hands of Albertans and businesses so that they can invest in what matters most to them. This announcement supports Schweitzer’s plan to create jobs, get spending under control, and get Albertans back to work.

Schweitzer’s plan would see personal income tax rates lowered for all Albertans. For those Albertans making up to $100,000, they would see a 1% reduction – from 10% to 9%. Albertans making more than $100,000 are currently paying at progressive rates from 10-15%; under Schweitzer’s plan these Albertans would pay a 10% rate.

To get Albertans working again Schweitzer’s plan will offer significant tax relief to businesses. Corporations currently paying a 12% rate will see tax relief to 10%. The NDP’s increase to a 12% corporate tax has been estimated to have cost the average Alberta household $830 annually through costs that have been passed on to the consumer.

Additionally, small businesses will experience the largest amount of tax relief as Schweitzer’s proposal would cut their tax rates in half, from 2% to 1% – bringing back the Alberta Advantage.

Schweitzer’s plan would also see the elimination of the NDP’s reckless Carbon Tax.

For Alberta to afford the largest amount of tax relief in its history, Schweitzer has proposed the 9/6/3 Plan and would keep government spending flat during a United Conservative Party’s first term in government.  A return to a balanced budget would occur within the first term.

“Like many Albertans, my wife and I built our careers and family here at a time when the Alberta Advantage was real. Oil prices created a bad situation but there is no question the NDP tax increases have made Albertans’ suffering during this downturn worse. Alberta businesses already struggling with poor oil prices have been put on the brink or completely out-of-business by NDP tax increases.

We need to get Albertans back to work and we need to get their hard-earned money back in their pockets. Alberta conservatives can start to create a new Alberta Advantage by offering the largest tax relief in Alberta’s history.

Lowering both personal income and corporate taxes while holding the line on new spending is critical to stimulating our economy, ensuring Alberta’s finances are in order, and getting Albertans back to work.”

-         Doug Schweitzer, candidate for leader of the United Conservative Party

“The NDP Carbon Tax was introduced haphazardly, only adding to the financial hardships faced by Albertans. It is job-killing – taking money away from Albertans who are just trying to work hard and get ahead and from businesses who are looking to further invest and create jobs."

-        Doug Schweitzer, candidate for leader of the United Conservative Party