Schweitzer announces minimum wage proposal

Sep 07, 2017

Proposal would freeze minimum wage at the September, 2017 level of $12.20/hour

Alberta conservatives deserve to know about the policies of their leadership candidates and today Doug Schweitzer announced the final part of his plan to support small businesses in Alberta by creating the most attractive business environment in North America. This policy announcement comes after previously announced small business friendly policies of cutting the small business tax rate in half, eliminating the carbon tax, and rescinding 2 business regulations for every 1 new regulation introduced.

Doug has travelled across the province extensively over the course of this campaign, meeting with small business owners, business managers, consumers and Albertans making minimum wage. All have largely told Doug the same thing: raising the minimum wage to $15/hour is going to hurt small businesses and people looking for work.

Should Alberta conservatives form government in 2019, Doug proposes repealing the NDP’s $15/hour minimum wage, and returning it to the current September 2017 level of $12.20/hour. Based on the 2019 projections of other Canadian jurisdictions, $12.20/hour will be the second highest minimum wage across all provinces, second only to Ontario. 

“We need to make Alberta the most competitive business environment in Canada and repeal the NDP’s $15/hour minimum wage – it is out of touch and just isn’t going to work for Alberta. A minimum wage of $12.20/hour will maintain our competitiveness with workers, while ensuring small businesses, our largest employers, are able to remain competitive and continue to create the jobs that so many Albertans rely on.” 

“I have heard over and over again, that the NDP’s minimum wage policy will not only hurt businesses bottom line but cause a number of small businesses to close their doors. Budgeting in the red may be okay for the NDP but for most businesses it is met with lost jobs and ultimately bankruptcy. We have to do better.”

-       Doug Schweitzer, Candidate for Leader of the United Conservative Party


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