Jul 04, 2018

As Premier and our MLA for Calgary-Elbow, Ralph Klein brought us the Alberta Advantage. He tackled our debt head-on and was unafraid to make the tough but necessary choices to get Alberta working again.

Because of his hard work, his discipline, and his strong leadership in July of 2004, he proudly held up a ‘Paid In Full’ sign on the steps of the Alberta Legislature – celebrating Alberta’s debt free status.


Today we face an NDP deficit-based budget that will see our province’s debt grow to $96 billion by 2023.


It is an unimaginable amount. An amount so high that our interest payments could reach $3.7 billion, annually.

What does $3.7 billion mean to Alberta.

$3.7 billion is an amount larger than the cost of the new Calgary South Health Campus.

It is larger then the total cost of the Calgary Airport’s new International Terminal.

And is the equivalent of building two new Calgary Cancer Centres, every single year.

What a waste. 

I am running to be the United Conservative Party’s representative in Calgary-Elbow because I want to get our fiscal house in order, and once again proudly hold up a ‘Paid in Full’ sign. 

To be clear, I know I am no Ralph Klein. But I do believe we share a fundamental belief that debt is irresponsible, and that we must do everything in our power to live within our means.

I believe now more than ever we need a Ralph in Calgary-Elbow.  

If you agree and want to help me take on the NDP in the next election, let us know by CLICKING HERE.




Doug Schweitzer
UCP Nomination Candidate for Calgary-Elbow

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