Thank You, Calgary-Elbow

I cannot thank you enough for giving me your time, and ultimately your support in the nomination to be your United Conservative Party candidate in Calgary-Elbow.

It has been my absolute pleasure to stand as a candidate in this race. You’ve entrusted me with an honour and a responsibility that I take seriously.

I would also like to thank Chris Davis for putting his name forward in the nomination. Chris engaged members from every community in this race, and his contribution helped broaden the reach of the United Conservative Party. I look forward to working with him in the coming months to realize our shared goals.

I want you to know that I have heard you loud and clear- from the urgent need for flood mitigation to ending pipeline gridlock. A UCP government will get to work on Day 1 to tackle these issues and I will be a vocal advocate for this area.

I have heard what you expect from your next MLA, and I promise to proudly represent Calgary-Elbow within the United Conservative Party.

Please reach out anytime with your questions, concerns and ideas, or to join our team. We’d love to have you.



Doug Schweitzer 
United Conservative Party Candidate, Calgary-Elbow

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Feature Story

First, I’d like to say I’m sorry. I know I’m emailing and calling and showing up on your doorstep. Some of you hear from me A LOT.

But it’s important.

Our province is suffering. I hear it every day on the campaign trail and through my work in corporate restructuring. From instituting a carbon tax to cancelling Power Purchase Agreements, the NDP has led the province’s finances into massive debt while worsening the tax burden on families. Calgary simply hasn’t rebounded from the recession- personal debt remains high and many people are still under or unemployed. With minimum wage set to go up, it doesn’t look like things will improve.

Like you, I’ve had ups and downs, and I’ve seen loved ones struggle through hardship. It is unacceptable to me that Calgarians' concerns, from flood mitigation to pipeline gridlock, are being largely ignored, or worse, bungled, by the Notley Government.

However, I am not a reactionary, nor am I motivated by fear. I recently sat down with a friend and told him a bit about where I come from, and what guides me in my pursuit of a better future. You can read that interview here: 

Should I be chosen as your UCP candidate, I will always be available and listening to residents in Calgary-Elbow. 

If you haven’t already, please purchase a membership by August 24, so you can vote on September 13. Until then, I’ll keep calling or knocking on your door, or hoping to meet you at a coffee party.

Thank you,

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We Have a Right to Be Upset

Today, our province suffered another economic blow - Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal rejected the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

Our leader, Jason Kenney, was clear- this project must go ahead. To read his full statement, click here:

I am incredibly frustrated and I know you are, too.

You may remember, Premier Notley and Prime Minister Trudeau declared, “Mission Accomplished!” only months ago. This simply was not true.

Both the federal and provincial governments gambled on the nonsensical notion of social license - and lost. Their inconsistent environmental policy, coupled with a carbon tax, have cost Albertans’ jobs and deeply shaken investor confidence.

Today’s decision was made by one of the highest courts in Canada. The challenges we face are enormous, with ever-changing legal and regulatory standards chasing off investors.

These investors just want a clear answer to a simple question surrounding development in Canada:

What does a company need to do to gain approval to build infrastructure in this country?

As Conservatives, we must move quickly to answer that question and restore jobs and investor confidence in Alberta.

As part of a United Conservative caucus, I will stand up for Albertans. Using my legal background and decades in politics, I will get to work on Day 1 of a United Conservative Government. We will work every day to undo the damage wrought by politicians and governments who are incapable of advancing the interests of everyday Albertans.  

It will take hard work and there will be difficult choices to be made but I can promise you, we will use every tool available to restore Alberta’s prosperity.

You can contact me on my website at I’d love to have you on our team!



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As Premier and our MLA for Calgary-Elbow, Ralph Klein brought us the Alberta Advantage. He tackled our debt head-on and was unafraid to make the tough but necessary choices to get Alberta working again.

Because of his hard work, his discipline, and his strong leadership in July of 2004, he proudly held up a ‘Paid In Full’ sign on the steps of the Alberta Legislature – celebrating Alberta’s debt free status.


Today we face an NDP deficit-based budget that will see our province’s debt grow to $96 billion by 2023.


It is an unimaginable amount. An amount so high that our interest payments could reach $3.7 billion, annually.

What does $3.7 billion mean to Alberta.

$3.7 billion is an amount larger than the cost of the new Calgary South Health Campus.

It is larger then the total cost of the Calgary Airport’s new International Terminal.

And is the equivalent of building two new Calgary Cancer Centres, every single year.

What a waste. 

I am running to be the United Conservative Party’s representative in Calgary-Elbow because I want to get our fiscal house in order, and once again proudly hold up a ‘Paid in Full’ sign. 

To be clear, I know I am no Ralph Klein. But I do believe we share a fundamental belief that debt is irresponsible, and that we must do everything in our power to live within our means.

I believe now more than ever we need a Ralph in Calgary-Elbow.  

If you agree and want to help me take on the NDP in the next election, let us know by CLICKING HERE.




Doug Schweitzer
UCP Nomination Candidate for Calgary-Elbow

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It has been five years since the Calgary Flood. For many residents of Calgary-Elbow, it was a devastating week. In what became the second largest natural disaster in Canadian history, five lives were lost and it’s estimated the city suffered $6 billion in financial loss and property damage.

While recalling the incredible outpouring of support and help in the weeks following the flood, many Calgarians won’t easily forget what they lost when their homes and belongings became clogged with mud and debris.  

Much of the city has rebounded- renovations, rebuilds and insurance proceedings have mostly concluded- but I know this is an anxious time of year for those who live and work near the Bow or the Elbow rivers.

In my view, that anxiety is exacerbated by the lack of progress in large-scale flood mitigation. I strongly support Flood Free Calgary and agree that upstream mitigation measures must be fully implemented by 2021. We simply cannot afford to experience a disaster of that scale again.

Should I be chosen as the UCP candidate in Calgary-Elbow, I will be a strong advocate for the Springbank Upstream Dry Reservoir. I believe that in conjunction with measures the city is taking, like riverbank stabilization and flood barrier construction, Calgary will be better able to withstand another flood event, should it occur.

This is not a partisan issue- I know MLA Greg Clark has been a vocal proponent of the Springbank Dam. But under the NDP government, it has gotten bogged down in bureaucracy and poor communication with the public.

A UCP government will approach this issue with renewed vigour and make sure it’s built on time and on budget. With your support, we can make that a reality. 


Doug Schweitzer


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Doug Schweitzer for UCP Calgary-Elbow

Last Thursday, I announced that I will be seeking the United Conservative Party Nomination for Calgary-Elbow.

When Jason Kenney and I were running to be Leader of our new United Conservative Party, we forcefully articulated that Alberta was under attack by Trudeau’s Liberals and the newly elected BC NDP.

We pleaded for a strong response to these attacks.

Instead, the NDP ignored our advice and failed Albertans. We are now seen across Canada as weak and unable to defend our economic interests.

Our perceived weakness has led to a full-blown trade war with British Columbia. To make things worse, the NDP’s best friends, Trudeau’s Liberals, have chosen to ignore and further neglect Alberta.

Since announcing my candidacy, our #newblue team is already receiving some amazing encouragement and support from across the province.



In the coming months I hope to also earn your support – if you live in Calgary Elbow and we haven’t met yet, I’d like to meet you and I hope you will join me at my campaign launch on Thursday, March 29 at the Trop, RSVP here.

If you’re with me, and our #newblue Team let us know by clicking here!

Best regards,

Doug Schweitzer

UCP Nomination Candidate for Calgary-Elbow 

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Winning in 2019

Since launching his campaign to be your UCP nominee in Calgary-Elbow, Doug has met with hundreds of members - and the feedback is consistent.

We want a candidate that can win in 2019.

At the federal, provincial and municipal level, conservatives have lost recent elections in our area. We can’t afford to let that happen again.

In the UCP leadership race, Doug sold more than 1000 memberships in Calgary-Elbow. He wasn’t the front runner, so how did he get this done?

It’s pretty simple - he’s exactly what Calgary-Elbow is looking for today.

At the age of 39, Doug is a husband and father to two young girls, and a successful partner at his law firm where he works on multi-billion dollar transactions. He is absolutely the right person for Calgary-Elbow because he balances his business knowledge and economic expertise with his first-hand experience of the day-to-day struggles Alberta's families are facing as a result of the NDP's disastrous economic policies. 

Doug is a strong fiscal conservative and social moderate.

Jason Kenney summed it up best in thanking Doug during his leadership victory speech in October.


“Thank you Doug for bringing a fresh young voice that represents in so many ways the future of Alberta. Thank you for demonstrating that this is a big tent, diverse, free enterprise coalition that reflects the diversity of today’s Alberta.”

This simple message sums up Calgary-Elbow - and that’s why we need Doug today.

But he can’t do it alone. We need you to renew your membership and vote for him in our local nomination.

Together, we can win back Calgary-Elbow in 2019!


Samantha Wood
Campaign Manager

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Campaign Update

We’ve had an amazing week here on Team Schweitzer. From coffee parties to phone blitzes to a Super Saturday Doorknock, we’re so grateful to the supporters who came out to help and the interested residents of Calgary-Elbow who took the time to engage with us.

On the first 25 degree day of the year, more than 25 volunteers spoke with over 150 people in Calgary-Elbow! Two full shifts of volunteers spread out in the northeast section of the constituency, hitting a total of more than 500 doors! We also had 3 different days of phone calling, reaching out to more than 300 members.

Every week, we meet new supporters who are eager to volunteer and get involved in politics for the first time. As Doug often says, the new United Conservative Party is a big tent, based on shared principles of free enterprise and a desire to restore the Alberta Advantage. Thanks to you “first-timers” for your dedication.

If you’d like to join us at the doors or on the phones, please click HERE to sign up.

We've had many great conversations but the most frequent refrain we heard was BUILD THAT PIPELINE! The message was received- Calgarians are still struggling. Our resolve is stronger than ever and we need to get this province back on track, starting right here in Calgary-Elbow.

If we missed you, let us know by replying to this email and Doug would be happy to give you a call or meet for coffee.

Throughout the week, Doug can be spotted at coffee shops all over Calgary-Elbow, meeting with everyone from busy moms to retired early-risers, at their favourite local spots. This week alone, Doug was able to meet with 30 people. Team Schweitzer is a little concerned about an over-caffeinated candidate, but we know it’s worth it!

We’re going to keep working hard and hope to see you at your door, or speak to you on the phone soon!


Team Doug Schweitzer

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It was an incredible weekend in Red Deer- more than 2600 passionate Albertans came together and charted the course for the future of the United Conservative Party! 

We celebrated how far we’ve come in such a short time, and we reaffirmed the foundational principles of our movement: it's a big tent, free-enterprise coalition, dedicated to fiscal responsibility and tax relief for struggling Albertans. 

Like any political party, there were disagreements on contentious issues. But I am confident that we will speak with one voice in the months that follow, as we rally around our shared priorities.  

As Jason Kenney reminded us last night, this movement is about people, not about power. 

So my commitment to you is this: I will listen to you, work hard, be disciplined, and earn every single vote.

Will you join me?



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Before summer vacations get into full swing, we wanted to check in with about your membership in the United Conservative Party.

With your support, Doug is working hard to become the next MLA for Calgary-Elbow. But to run in the provincial election in 2019, he first has to win the nomination for the UCP. The only people that can vote in that race are members of the party.

So, it’s important to make sure that you have a valid membership! If you bought a one-year membership to vote for UCP leader, for example, it could expire before the nomination for Calgary-Elbow is opened.

Now, how do you make sure? A few ways:

  • The UCP did not issue paper or plastic membership cards but you may have received an email with the information. If you search, “United Conservative Party” in your inbox, you may be able to find your membership number and expiry date.

  • Similarly, in order to vote for UCP leader, the party emailed voting pins and membership information, around the end of October 2017.

  • You can call and leave a voicemail with the UCP at 1-888-465-2660

  • You can email the UCP at

If you know you don’t have a valid membership, or have family or friends ready to join, just click here.

The nomination could be called any day, so please take a minute to make sure you can support Doug!


Thank you,

Team Doug Schweitzer

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