May 27, 2018

Before summer vacations get into full swing, we wanted to check in with about your membership in the United Conservative Party.

With your support, Doug is working hard to become the next MLA for Calgary-Elbow. But to run in the provincial election in 2019, he first has to win the nomination for the UCP. The only people that can vote in that race are members of the party.

So, it’s important to make sure that you have a valid membership! If you bought a one-year membership to vote for UCP leader, for example, it could expire before the nomination for Calgary-Elbow is opened.

Now, how do you make sure? A few ways:

  • The UCP did not issue paper or plastic membership cards but you may have received an email with the information. If you search, “United Conservative Party” in your inbox, you may be able to find your membership number and expiry date.

  • Similarly, in order to vote for UCP leader, the party emailed voting pins and membership information, around the end of October 2017.

  • You can call and leave a voicemail with the UCP at 1-888-465-2660

  • You can email the UCP at

If you know you don’t have a valid membership, or have family or friends ready to join, just click here.

The nomination could be called any day, so please take a minute to make sure you can support Doug!


Thank you,

Team Doug Schweitzer

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