Flood Mitigation

Statement: United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney on Springbank Dam Proposal

Edmonton, AB (March 18, 2019): United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney has issued the following statement regarding the Springbank Dam proposal:

The United Conservative Party has always been clear that we want flood mitigation infrastructure built for the Elbow River as soon as possible.
The NDP has failed completely to get this done. They ran against the Springbank Dam proposal in the last election, and have spent four years dithering. We are not one inch closer to flood mitigation than the day the NDP took over four years ago.
It appears that delays at the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency have been caused in part because of a failure by the NDP government to provide all of the relevant data.
And the NDP government has failed completely to discharge its obligation to consult with affected First Nations communities.
On top of all of that, they keep trying to blame the Opposition in the Legislature for their own confusion and inaction.

Since the NDP and others keep trying to distort our position, let me be clear.
On day one of a United Conservative Government, we will appoint an independent expert to determine why construction has not yet begun on the Springbank Dam. 
We will continue with the application before the Canadian Environment Assessment Agency for approval of SR1. This includes providing all of the necessary data to CEAA in support of the application for approval of SR1.
We will consult with all interested First Nations, including the Tsuut’ina, and consult with members of the general public, municipalities, and affected land owners. 
If SR1 receives the requisite approval and the necessary aboriginal consultation has been completed, a United Conservative government will expedite construction of this project without delay.