Jul 02, 2018

It has been five years since the Calgary Flood. For many residents of Calgary-Elbow, it was a devastating week. In what became the second largest natural disaster in Canadian history, five lives were lost and it’s estimated the city suffered $6 billion in financial loss and property damage.

While recalling the incredible outpouring of support and help in the weeks following the flood, many Calgarians won’t easily forget what they lost when their homes and belongings became clogged with mud and debris.  

Much of the city has rebounded- renovations, rebuilds and insurance proceedings have mostly concluded- but I know this is an anxious time of year for those who live and work near the Bow or the Elbow rivers.

In my view, that anxiety is exacerbated by the lack of progress in large-scale flood mitigation. I strongly support Flood Free Calgary and agree that upstream mitigation measures must be fully implemented by 2021. We simply cannot afford to experience a disaster of that scale again.

Should I be chosen as the UCP candidate in Calgary-Elbow, I will be a strong advocate for the Springbank Upstream Dry Reservoir. I believe that in conjunction with measures the city is taking, like riverbank stabilization and flood barrier construction, Calgary will be better able to withstand another flood event, should it occur.

This is not a partisan issue- I know MLA Greg Clark has been a vocal proponent of the Springbank Dam. But under the NDP government, it has gotten bogged down in bureaucracy and poor communication with the public.

A UCP government will approach this issue with renewed vigour and make sure it’s built on time and on budget. With your support, we can make that a reality. 


Doug Schweitzer


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