Leah Murray Endorsement

I am supporting Doug Schweitzer for the UCP nomination in Calgary-Elbow and I would like to tell you why.

As the saying goes, Doug is the real deal.  When we first met, Doug was campaign manager on a major provincial leadership race. His work ethic, integrity, commitment, and the ability to build a dedicated team of volunteers – of which I was one, was impressive.

Doug and I remained friends, and when he called me in March of this year to share that he was running for the UCP nomination in Calgary-Elbow, my home riding, I was thrilled.

The United Conservative Party is still in its infancy and needs people like Doug to help shape the party and its policies – ones that will matter to citizens of Calgary-Elbow.

Here are a few of the reasons why I am supporting Doug:  

Doug and his wife, Jen, are parents of two young daughters. Just like families in Calgary-Elbow and across Alberta, they want to ensure that all children can reach their full potential in Alberta.

Doug cares about our community and believes in making it a safer and healthier place to live. For many years, he was active on the board of the Calgary Drug Treatment Court to help recovering drug addicts.  

He will advocate strongly for flood mitigation. The effects of the flood were felt both within our community and beyond. Doug is actively working with Flood Free Calgary and other stakeholder groups to promote flood mitigation efforts like the Springbank Dam.  

Doug is a Partner with the global law firm, Dentons, and specializes in corporate restructurings. He’s seen how the uncompetitive policies of the current government have failed Albertans and businesses of all sizes but he knows how to turn things around. Doug will fight for tax relief, competitive regulations and balanced budgets.

He will also work closely with UCP leader, Jason Kenney to stand up against Federal policies that negatively impact Alberta.


Your voice and vote matter, so please join me and support Doug as our UCP candidate for Calgary-Elbow.  Sincerely,

Leah Murray

Communications & Marketing Strategist / Doug Schweitzer Campaign Volunteer

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Leah Wood Endorsement

Doug put forward fresh and innovative ideas during the United Conservative Party Leadership race that were both fiscally conservative and inclusive. 

He is a hard working candidate with a unique ability to unite people from all walks of life toward a common goal.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Doug during the leadership race, and believe that our United Conservative Party will benefit tremendously from having Doug in the Alberta Legislature. 


Leah Wood

Former UCP Board Executive

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Leela Aheer Endorsement

As an MLA elected in 2015 and UCP candidate for Chestermere-Strathmore, I am honoured to serve as Deputy Leader under Jason Kenney. I am also thrilled by the caliber and credibility of candidates being nominated for our party.

One such candidate is Doug Schweitzer who is running for the nomination in Calgary-Elbow.

Doug reflects a kindness, enthusiasm and optimism that mirrors the momentum of the United Conservative Party, led with strong and principled leadership. During Doug’s run for UCP leader, he had an opportunity to meet with and listen to thousands of Albertans, and learn first-hand about their goals and priorities for the future.

Doug is committed to Albertans and the economic development and entrepreneurial opportunities that will reflect and represent the best interests of Calgary-Elbow residents.  

As a father of two young girls, Doug has a vested interest in protecting the future of Alberta, and will use his experience as a restructuring lawyer to bring forward ideas and policies that optimize the potential of our people and natural resources.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with Doug in the Alberta Legislature and am pleased to endorse him.


Leela Aheer

MLA for Chestermere-Rocky View

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Bill DeJong Endorsement

I would like to tell you about my friend and colleague, Doug Schweitzer.

As someone who has been active in provincial and federal politics since my 20’s, I have had the honour of working with numerous political candidates and can honestly say, Doug is one of the very best.

I also have the privilege of working with Doug at Dentons, the world’s largest global law firm and as a colleague, I have seen Doug’s great qualities first hand. He is a person of integrity, kindness and inclusiveness, with a smart, strategic mind.

Not only is Doug a natural leader, he is also an exceptional team and consensus builder who brings passion and enthusiasm to everything he does. In Doug’s role as a restructuring lawyer, he deals with crises and develops a path forward that makes good business sense. As a fiscal conservative and UCP candidate, Doug will bring his experience, logic and compassion while helping rebuild Alberta to its former great stature.

As Doug is the father of two young girls, I admire his commitment to ensuring their future, and that of all Albertans, is filled with countless opportunities, economic stability and strong Provincial leadership.

Residents of Calgary-Elbow and the United Conservative Party will benefit tremendously from electing Doug to the Alberta legislature. In my opinion, he represents the future of our Party and our Province, and for that reason, Doug Schweitzer has my unwavering support.


William (Bill) DeJong
Corporate Counsel, Dentons Canada LLP

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Brian Felesky Endorses Doug Schweitzer for UCP Calgary-Elbow

As some of you may know, I’ve been a long (very long!) time Conservative party supporter in Alberta.

When Jason Kenney’s tireless effort led the merger of the United Conservative Party (UCP), Alberta became ready to form a new government and get Alberta back on track – it really has to do so!

Having a first-rate team, with Jason’s leadership, is an obvious imperative.  Accordingly, I (together with several others) approached Doug Schweitzer to run for the nomination in Calgary-Elbow. Fortunately, it didn’t take much convincing.  He’s committed and excited!  Throughout the UCP leadership campaign and many other volunteer/leadership roles in the Conservative trenches, Doug has also proven to be smart, dedicated and innovative.  As a result, he has earned the respect of many Albertans, including a large following of young progressive conservatives. 

Please join me in supporting Doug by purchasing or renewing your membership, volunteering and donating to his campaign. For more information on UCP leader Jason Kenney and the Party, check out www.unitedconservative.ca


Brian Felesky

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Bill Smith Endorses Doug Schweitzer for UCP Calgary-Elbow


I’ve been around my fair share of campaigns and politicians. I can tell who is in it for the right reasons and who will keep the promises they make to voters. 

My friend Doug Schweitzer is one of those candidates. 

I first met Doug in his late 20s when he was building a reputation as one of the top political organizers in Alberta. I was so impressed with him that I asked him to run my successful campaign for President of the PC Party. 

Over the years, Doug has built an impressive career as a restructuring partner at his business law firm, while becoming an important figure in Alberta’s conservative movement. He successfully ran Doug Black’s campaign for Senate and helped elect too many MLAs to list. 

In his early 30s, Doug was asked to be on the Southern Alberta Fundraising Committee for the Alberta Progressive Conservatives. He was the youngest person in the room by over 10 years but he earned the trust of the committee and by the age of 35 was named Co-Chair. 

Doug has put in the hard work on conservative causes for more than a decade. He is a strong fiscal conservative, dedicated to getting Alberta’s fiscal house in order, and he is a social moderate on the issues that matter to Albertans and their families. He isn't interested in old arguments or divisive policies - he knows our economic future is too important. 

Doug has my full support as he seeks the United Conservative Party nomination in Calgary Elbow. 

You can learn more about Doug at dougschweitzer.com — and if you believe that Doug is what we need in Calgary Elbow, I encourage you to get involved and join the United Conservative Party. If you're already a member, please check the expiration date on your membership. 

I'm confident Doug is the right person to represent us in Edmonton and to get our province back on track. 

Bill Smith

Calgary Mayoral Candidate and former PC Party President 


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Jim Dinning Endorses Doug Schweitzer for UCP Calgary-Elbow


I am supporting Doug Schweitzer as he seeks the Calgary Elbow nomination for the United Conservative Party.

I admire Doug as a devoted husband, loving father of two young girls, lawyer, community builder and friend. He’s personable, curious and has a good head on his shoulders. He’s the ‘new blue:’ a strong fiscal conservative and a moderate on the social issues. That makes Doug and his family a lot like many of the families who live in Calgary-Elbow’s neighbourhoods.

In 1986, I ran for the conservative nomination in Calgary Shaw at the age of 33. It was the start of an exciting 11-year career as MLA and minister serving in the cabinets of Premiers Ralph Klein and Don Getty. We faced some serious problems in those days and under Ralph’s leadership, we tackled them head on, doing what we believed was right to secure Alberta’s future.

Doug Schweitzer will do exactly the same. Unafraid of hard work and conscientious, Doug has joined Jason Kenney to build a new conservative party that is principled, ambitious and looking ahead to Alberta’s future. Doug knows Albertans want an open and honest government that’s in tune with the residents of Calgary-Elbow and beyond.

Doug will take a fresh perspective to the legislature, one that’s creative and forward-looking. Doug will make sure your voice is heard in caucus and in the legislature and he won’t shy away from making tough decisions or taking a stand on issues that affect us here at home. Issues like flood mitigation, quality education and jobs are on the list of concerns for folks in Elbow. Doug will be an effective voice.

I believe Doug is the right conservative candidate here in Elbow. I like him, and I trust him. As you get to know him, I’m confident you will too. But he needs your help. Please become a party member, encourage your friends and family to do the same, and come out to vote for Doug Schweitzer when the nomination is called. 


Jim Dinning