Doug Schweitzer for UCP Calgary-Elbow

May 27, 2018

Last Thursday, I announced that I will be seeking the United Conservative Party Nomination for Calgary-Elbow.

When Jason Kenney and I were running to be Leader of our new United Conservative Party, we forcefully articulated that Alberta was under attack by Trudeau’s Liberals and the newly elected BC NDP.

We pleaded for a strong response to these attacks.

Instead, the NDP ignored our advice and failed Albertans. We are now seen across Canada as weak and unable to defend our economic interests.

Our perceived weakness has led to a full-blown trade war with British Columbia. To make things worse, the NDP’s best friends, Trudeau’s Liberals, have chosen to ignore and further neglect Alberta.

Since announcing my candidacy, our #newblue team is already receiving some amazing encouragement and support from across the province.



In the coming months I hope to also earn your support – if you live in Calgary Elbow and we haven’t met yet, I’d like to meet you and I hope you will join me at my campaign launch on Thursday, March 29 at the Trop, RSVP here.

If you’re with me, and our #newblue Team let us know by clicking here!

Best regards,

Doug Schweitzer

UCP Nomination Candidate for Calgary-Elbow 

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