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  • mike kennedy
    Why are the UCP not making the cancellation of the electricity contracts and the 2 billion dollar liability that the

    tax payer is going to get stuck with
  • Daryl Payne
    I’ve written the same statemnet to Greg Clarke.

    I’m torn. My number one concern is booting the NDP. At the same time I am seriously worried about vote splitting.

    Please tell me what you offer over the other main Right Wing party, and why you deserve my vote.

    I know that sounds a bit rough, but I want, no, NEED, my vote to go to the party that has the best chance in Calgary Elbow to ensure an NDP will not get elected.

    Thanks for your time,

    Daryl and Collene Payne


  • Ernest Kitzul
    Hi Doug,

    Just confirming, today, I mailed you a $500. campaign contribution to you at your office

    I just discovered your campaign address

    Being away all winter, I cannot become active in your campaign

    Best of Luck in the Election


    Ernie Kitzul
  • Roberta White
    I need signs…..!!!!!!
  • Jeffrey Mostowich
    I am a UCP supporter, and was very happy with Jason and his policies up until the UCP policy on education and their stance on Gay Straight alliances. This is a regressive policy, and it is very unclear what problems it solves. It feels like pandering to vocal members of the UCP. As a parent, and the spouse of a teacher, I feel this policy is not well thought out, and certainly has not been fully costed. Please do what you can to reel this one back in, before you lose more votes. Stay on the fiscal conservative, pipelines and jobs message.
  • Mike McCarthy
    I’m an undecided voter in Garrison Green. I was considering voting UCP but am very concerned about the “democratic reforms” in the UCP platform. These would mean Doug would have to vote party lines no matter what. If Doug is elected I won’t have a voice in Legislature. How am I supposed to support this kind of platform that undermines the concept of a democracy? Does Doug support these Democratic reforms?
  • John Iocchelli
    Have Doug Schweitzer call me re: GSAs
  • Ann Tyler
    I have tried to send this to your email address: – but it didn’t work…

    I would really like to vote for you in the upcoming provincial election.

    However, I would also really like to vote for Greg Clark – because he is completely committed to getting the Springbank Dam built.

    I don’t want my vote to be wasted though…

    Jason Kenny said, “If SR1 receives the requisite approval and the necessary aboriginal consultation has been completed, a United Conservative government will expedite construction of this project without delay”.

    ENOUGH CONSULTATION HAS BEEN DONE!! “Thousands of pages of expert reports have already shown Springbank is the right project. 1,193 separate submissions to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency”…DONE!!!

    This is an issue of UTMOST IMPORTANCE to me and hundreds of my neighbours.

    We don’t want to hear about ANY MORE STUDIES, ANY MORE CONSULTATIONS, ETC., ETC., ETC


    IT IS NOW 2019!!






    Is a vote for you going to see the Springbank Dam built ASAP??

    BECAUSETHAT is my BIG ISSUE in the upcoming election (other than getting the Trans Mountain pipeline built!!).

    Thank you!
  • Jenna Peters
    Hi there! I am a first-time voter and was wondering if you would be able to answer some questions for me!
  • Sean Emel
    Why are you not listed on website as Calgary Elbow’s candidate?
  • Karen Jorgensen
    We live in the Elbow Park community of Riverdale. I noticed a card left in our mail regarding the Springbank Dam project. Apparently you profess to be in favour of the project but another UCP member Miranda Rosin is not (so what is it)? There has been 6 YEARS of consultations on this project, there does not need to be any more. We would support any candidate that has the backbone to expropriate the land necessary for the project and get the work done and fast! I can’t believe 6 years have passed and we’re still kicking the can down the road…. yet again.
  • Dave Newby
    Hello – can you please publish a calendar of public events at which Doug will be speaking. We are keen to hear directly from him on the key issues that will influence our vote. Thanks.
  • pat cherak
  • Ryan Harrison
    Mr. Scheweitzer, I wonder if you could provide more information on your personal stance on the carbon tax. If the UCP form government, what is your plan to address climate change and reduce overall provincial emissions. Do you believe climate change is a priority for the country?
  • bryan walsh
  • Stephen Lougheed
    I want to drop a cheque off at your Constituency office today. Can you please send me the address. I know it is near the Marda Loop Safeway some where but wasn’t yet open last time Mary and I went out door knocking. WE are already on your lawn-sign list.
  • Genevieve Kavanagh
    Hello, someone from your party dropped off a huge campaign sign, outside my apartment, without permission from property owner. Also, seeing as you’re not legally allowed to campaign until the election is called, you’ve actually broken two rules.

    Upon speaking with the landlord, we would like if someone would come pick up this sign. Thank you.
  • Raswinder Nagra
    Hi Doug. If you are planning on doing coffee meetings to meet constituents, we can host you at our house to meet neighbors of Elboya whom we know. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Rose Nagra 403 805 3690 (
  • Jane Zeng
    I’d like to see shrinking the government and making all government departments more efficient as one of your issues. Same goes for health care: it needs to be run more efficiently. That way we can lower both business and personal tax and get the Alberta advantage back.