Campaign Update

May 27, 2018

We’ve had an amazing week here on Team Schweitzer. From coffee parties to phone blitzes to a Super Saturday Doorknock, we’re so grateful to the supporters who came out to help and the interested residents of Calgary-Elbow who took the time to engage with us.

On the first 25 degree day of the year, more than 25 volunteers spoke with over 150 people in Calgary-Elbow! Two full shifts of volunteers spread out in the northeast section of the constituency, hitting a total of more than 500 doors! We also had 3 different days of phone calling, reaching out to more than 300 members.

Every week, we meet new supporters who are eager to volunteer and get involved in politics for the first time. As Doug often says, the new United Conservative Party is a big tent, based on shared principles of free enterprise and a desire to restore the Alberta Advantage. Thanks to you “first-timers” for your dedication.

If you’d like to join us at the doors or on the phones, please click HERE to sign up.

We've had many great conversations but the most frequent refrain we heard was BUILD THAT PIPELINE! The message was received- Calgarians are still struggling. Our resolve is stronger than ever and we need to get this province back on track, starting right here in Calgary-Elbow.

If we missed you, let us know by replying to this email and Doug would be happy to give you a call or meet for coffee.

Throughout the week, Doug can be spotted at coffee shops all over Calgary-Elbow, meeting with everyone from busy moms to retired early-risers, at their favourite local spots. This week alone, Doug was able to meet with 30 people. Team Schweitzer is a little concerned about an over-caffeinated candidate, but we know it’s worth it!

We’re going to keep working hard and hope to see you at your door, or speak to you on the phone soon!


Team Doug Schweitzer

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