Get to Know Doug

Doug’s not a career politician. He’s a father, husband and restructuring lawyer with the largest law firm in the world, with a love for his province and an unrelenting optimism for what it can be. He’s a third generation Albertan who has experienced our province's best, as well has faced the challenging times. Doug has a vision for a new Alberta, and to make that vision a reality, he has stepped into the race for the United Conservative Nomination for Calgary-Elbow.


Why Doug’s Running

Over the last three years, Doug has seen the economic devastation, job losses and flight of capital in Alberta first hand. He’s seen friends and neighbours lose their jobs, and watched others in constant fear for losing theirs.

But for Doug, it’s more personal than that. As a child, Doug’s parents owned a small homebuilding company. As many Albertans experienced then – and are experiencing now – market conditions and poor policy contributed to the bankruptcy of the company. It was tough, but Doug’s parents refused to quit. To Doug, their determination represents the spirit of Alberta, and it’s the same spirit he sees now. It’s the same spirit at the heart of Doug’s new vision for Alberta.


What Doug Wants For Alberta

The United Conservative Party of Alberta represents an opportunity for us as conservatives to reflect on who we are, what we want for this province and how we can get there. Doug believes Alberta can, and should, be the most exciting place to live, work and grow in Canada. But for that to happen Albertans need new jobs, investors need new reasons to be confident in our province and we need to ensure all Albertans have the opportunity to find success.