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Oct 03, 2017

Proposal would see $10 million allocated to the Red Deer Cardiac Catheterization Lab through Schweitzer’s Community Infrastructure Fund.

Alberta conservatives deserve to know about the policies of their leadership candidates, and today Doug Schweitzer is pleased to announce support for the Red Deer Cardiac Catheterization Lab – to be funded through his previously announced Community Infrastructure Plan as part of taking 40% of ATB Financial public.

Research shows that central Alberta has a 50% higher rate of death and disability in acute heart attacks than both Edmonton and Calgary. Many in the medical community cite that this is due a lack of a catheterization lab in central Alberta. Additionally, research shows that Red Deer has adequate numbers to support the service safely and that Canadian communities of similar populations are receiving these services.

To date the community has raised $10 million towards the $20 million capital needed to build the lab. With the Community Infrastructure Fund, Red Deer, along with other Albertan communities, will have access to the funding necessary to ensure they are provided with the services and facilities they desperately need. 

To continue to build community support and awareness, the Red Deer medical community is hosting a rally this Sunday it the Memorial Centre parking lot between 2:30 and 5:00 pm.  

“The Red Deer Cath Lab has tremendous community support and if we are able to succeed in attaining the required funding and approvals it will have a tremendous impact on the quality of services available to central Albertans.” – Dr. Kym Jim, Physician, Red Deer Regional Hospital

“As I’ve traveled and met with people in Red Deer and central Alberta the issue of the Cardiac Catheterization Lab has been brought to my attention. Nearly everyone in Red Deer has a family member or knows of someone who has been affected by this gap in services. 

This is the exact type of project that I intend to invest in through our Community Infrastructure Fund. Investment in projects like the Red Deer Catheterization Lab are what Albertans need and deserve. I will stand up for innovative projects all across Alberta and ensure that central Albertan voices are heard.” – Doug Schweitzer, Candidate for Leader of the United Conservative Party of Alberta 

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Jessica Chawrun
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