Doug’s four-point plan for health care

Oct 03, 2017

Doug Schweitzer addresses need for efficiencies in Alberta’s health care system. 

Alberta conservatives deserve to know about the policies of their leadership candidates, and today United Conservative Party leadership candidate, Doug Schweitzer released his four-point plan to begin addressing the inefficiencies in Alberta’s health care system. 

Doug’s plan includes: implementing e-records for all Albertans; decentralized, local decision-making; a shift towards community-based care; and, third party delivery of publicly funded services – including knee and hip replacements. 

“There is no quick or easy fix when it comes to delivering health care services more efficiently – it is a complex system but one I believe can be made better. I have focused my attention on four specific changes that would have the greatest effect on the efficient and effective delivery our services – e-records, decentralization, community-based care, and third party delivery.” – Doug Schweitzer, Candidate for Leader of the United Conservative Party of Alberta

Doug on electronic health records – “I believe connecting health care practitioners through the use of electronic health records is critical. Records should and must follow patients – full stop – to ensure we are all being provided with the most informed care plan. Through advancements in technology, electronic delivery of health records is safe and by far the most effective way for Alberta’s doctors and health care professionals to communicate patient health history across offices / units.”

Doug on decentralizing Alberta Health Services – “I believe in empowering local decision makers. Whether we are talking about hospitals, doctor’s offices, or other health care facilities, the people on the frontlines know the needs of their communities the best.”

“Earlier in my campaign, I announced support for the Red Deer Hospital Cardiac Catheterization Lab – this project, which has already been partially funded through local contributions, is at a standstill, waiting for final funding and provincial approval. This is just one example of many necessary decisions that could be made through local decision-making. Ultimately, when it comes to the needs of Alberta’s communities, I believe in trusting the guidance and direction of those who are actively engaged and living in them.”

Doug on community-based care – “Currently, Alberta has a handful of clinics providing comprehensive community-based care for newborn to senior patients. These clinics approach treatment as a team – bringing together doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dieticians, etc. – to provide collaborative care. Building upon the success of these clinics is important.” 

“Not all health care needs to be distributed through our hospitals, we can and must be innovative in how we deliver services.” 

Doug on rethinking delivery of services – “With health costs and wait times on the rise, it is time we discuss third party delivery options. I support universal health care – it is integral to our quality of life – but I do think we have an opportunity to explore alternative delivery options that are fully supported through our public dollars. If the private sector can do something more efficiently, effectively, and at a lower cost we are only hurting ourselves by not exploring these options.”                

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  • I like your ideas Doug! We can’t keep doing the same – it is going to bankrupt our province and country especially as more and more elderly people start entering the system.
  • We need to return to locally elected health boards.
  • I recently retired from over 35 plus years in healthcare, in the private sector. I find some of your ideas reasonable and some not that simple! Who is advising you on these most important issues?