We’re facing moving towards an incredibly important moment in Alberta.

As a result of foolish policy and unstable resource prices, our province is suffering. We just can’t continue on this path, and with the union of conservative parties we can move forward and re-establish Alberta’s opportunity. But we need more than a promise – we need a plan. Doug’s got that plan to get Alberta back on track. Scroll down to see how it compares to the other candidates and the sitting Premier.

    Tax Relief

    Albertans are overtaxed. It’s time we lighten the burden on regular Albertans and clear the path to prosperity.

    Opioid Crisis

    Alberta’s in the midst of a public health crisis, and we deserve clear, decisive and immediate action.

    LGBTQ & GSAs

    Our strength comes directly from our diversity, and Albertans deserve leaders who agree.

    Balancing the Budget

    Alberta’s government is spending far too much and delivering far too little. We need to cut costs and deliver a balanced budget.

    Small Businesses

Doug’s Detailed Plan

Alberta needs a plan to get back on track, and a person with the vision and commitment to make it happen. Doug’s plan is carefully considered and detailed – because that’s what Albertans deserve.